……The Godfather Part II (1974), and The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone (1990).  But I would have happily gone to my grave not seeing them had a good friend not suggested that I watch The Offer (2022).  And that ten episode series did what no one else had been able to do – it made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (ba DUM tisss).

I know, I know……this is a classic film, THE classic to end all classics.  Everyone says so – the critics, the numerous cinematic lists, filmmakers, actors, writers, my friends.  But it just wasn’t my cup of tea, so I generally passed on viewing it.  I mean, I’d read the book years ago, and had read about the film in class, but my interest was not exactly piqued.  However, the drama that The Offer showed of what went on behind the scenes tickled me to no end.  I mean, it was so fantastic, I’m surprised it hadn’t been done earlier (and I realize this was a dramatization, so some things may have been composite characters or scenes).

After my initial watch of The Offer, I decided to make The Godfather an event – I mean, it’s only fair to pay it that much tribute.  It’s a classic film, so I figured I had to do it right.  I bought a pinot noir from the only winery that was appropriate (see the picture), cooked up a delicious chicken piccata (who knew I could cook?), steamed up some asparagus, and fixed a large salad.  The food was delicious, the wine was luscious, and what can I say about The Godfather and the Corleones that hasn’t already been said?

But be glad to know that I truly enjoyed all three films as they segued into each other in a 9 hour 30 minute cinematic experience.  Definitely on my re-watch list, as I’m sure there are details I’ve missed.