……and I’m very lucky to be able to have access to it via the local venues.  Many of the artists have become very good and dear friends and their art continually inspires mine.

Amy Lynn’s Original.

I’ve mentioned the art classes/painting parties that I’ve taken with Amy Lynn – she holds at least one per month, each with a different theme and, as inspiration and fun, one of her art pieces for everyone to copy and make their own.  Once it leaves the artist’s hands and is gifted to the public, art is left to you to interpret.  Whatever the artist’s intentions were originally, your life experiences will inform your interpretation of what you see.

This is one of her pieces used in the painting party.


My Interpretation.


This is my interpretation of her work.

As you can see, while I’ve managed to recreate what Amy Lynn had done pretty closely, it does not, in any way, come close to looking exactly as hers does.

What I love about these painting parties is that I’m free from imagining what’s going on that canvas.  I have a structure that is pre-determined.  Only the colors are a free-for-all, and even then, I’m a little bit of a stickler for keeping close to what I’d see in real life.

I’ve seen spaces that are designed exactly like this pop up in neighboring cities, so I’d recommend searching one out and seeing what they have to offer.

Music is another art form that I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by, but that will be covered in another post.  I’d like to share their music, but I want to get permission to do that and pay any licensing fees, if applicable.

Always pay the artist for the work they do.  Art is not free.  People spend long hours to create a painting, a song, a novel, a movie or a play for you to enjoy.  They do it because to not do it is a form of insanity, but if you want to enjoy it, the artist must be paid, so that they can continue to provide the music, the art, the books for you to enjoy.