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So, I updated my book covers…..

…..and they look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Creating my own book covers is one of my favorites things to do and I have a lot of fun scouting locations for new images.

If I find myself gravitating to a particular spot, I’ll take several shots from different angles and positions. This gives me plenty of choices when making the final decision. I opt for black and white, rather than color, photographs because I want the images to pull the potential reader in.

As a voracious reader and book-lover, I sometimes find color to be too distracting to the eye – I don’t know where to look and then I lose interest. 🙂


Creating Book Covers......

…….is a lot of fun for me. My resources are limited to the basic art program on my computer, my digital camera and, oddly, my cellphone’s camera. I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love taking pictures and seeing what comes out.
For ‘Secrets & Howls’, this is a tiny pier on the boardwalk in a tiny coastal town that I enjoy visiting. I took the picture in September 2011 one very foggy morning. The result was spooky and, playing around on the computer, I inverted the colors to the image you now see. I’ve been back several times since to that town, but have not been able to find that particular pier again. I suppose it vanished in the mist. 😉

So I walk into the library.......

…….and this is what I found on the New Arrivals shelf. I’d donated this copy a couple of years ago, so this is an older edition of the book. The current edition is available – same picture, different font and style – on

Kind of fun to see it out in the wild.

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