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So, I’m just gonna keep this post short…..

…….because I’m in a mood. The things I want to discuss are being difficult. Not in writing it down, but writing it in such a way that the salient points get across. There’s no absolute guarantee, of course, but my goal in writing about heavy, serious subjects is to make sure understanding can take place.

I mean, that’s the whole point of writing, right? And the arts, in general? To create a space where understanding happens, whether it’s from as far back as millions of years ago, or as recently as this morning.

Even if it’s wrapped up in bubble gum and a bow. Because sometimes sugar does help the medicine go down, to paraphrase that venerable movie nanny, Mary Poppins.

Gene Roddenberry knew that, which is how he was able to talk politics and social issues in Star Trek. It went by the execs’ heads, but the fans picked up on it and some found a calling in the sciences or other fields.

I could go on, I’m feeling that rambly, but I’m gonna leave it here for now. I’m still moody. And those subjects still need more citing and arranging before I let them go out into the wide world of the interwebs.

Have a good night, everyone. Read a good book, watch a favorite movie, listen to some music that fills your heart.


So, one of the reasons I write……

… to explore ideas and situations by ‘staging’ it within the context of fiction and then working my way out. Sometimes when I’m out with friends, I start to observe the people around me. As any writer does, I start to wonder about who they are and what brought them to that same moment as my friends and I. Occasionally, I’ll see behaviors that I don’t quite understand – if I’m able, I ask friends what their take on it is.

Most of the time, however, I write. Writing it out as a fictional story helps me analyze actions and behaviors. This also works for when I experience something that directly affects me and I want to sort it out for my own peace of mind.

A lot of the time, though, it’s just wishful thinking that I’m writing and plotting about. Sort of like an on-going daydream that’s on paper. I would say that you have more control over what goes on the written page, but that wouldn’t be true.

Any writer worth their salt will tell you that characters generally stage a rebellion and do things their way. All you have to do is stay out of the way and record their shenanigans.

Which is fun, in its own right.



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